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mycloud nimbus reviews

14" | NIMBUS

Our Premium Luxury Mattress

" Just Right "

First off, I am a side and back sleeper, 100%. Also, I generally have no trouble sleeping – I can crash out anywhere, anytime. I needed a new mattress because it's time, not because of sleep trouble. That said, I need a mattress that is soft enough to embrace my pressure points (HIPS), and strong enough to support me as well. I've avoided memory foam up to this point because everyone I've tried in store has been too mushy. I get stuck in a void and I can't move. Well, so far the 14" myCloud is different. I sink enough to feel softness, but not enough that I feel stuck. I can move, and roll, with minimal effort – which is a pretty big deal to me. It's only been a week, but I am sleeping well and enjoying resting in bed quite a bit. I don't want to get out of bed because it's just that comfortable.

Jeanne, from Savannah, GA
" On Cloud Nine "

We desperately needed a new mattress and decided to go all out with the 14" Nimbus with the box pillowtop. The quality seems really high, but the prices are low – no brainer choice. Plus it was delivered next day! Our new myCloud mattress has helped me sleep better overnight.

Krystal, from Irving, TX
mycloud cirrus reviews

12" | CIRRUS

Our Plush Comfort Mattress

" Sore No More "

I finally caved and bought a new mattress. I sleep on my side, and my hips and shoulder were sore and achy every single morning. I opted for the Cirrus 12" because I thought the pillowtop might be a bit too soft. I'm glad I did, because this is the perfect mix of firm and plush for me. It's a smidge warmer than my old spring mattress, but definitely cooler than the old school memory foam mattresses I've tried. It's like sleeping on cloud!

Ruthie, from Galveston, TX