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myCloud 14" Nimbus Mattress

myCloud 14" Nimbus Mattress

myCloud 14" Nimbus Mattress

Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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mycloud interactive bed

Opulent Eurobox topper provides a gentle, embracing hug. Soft white 3D cloud-puff circular knit with graceful navy corner accents and cyan sateen piping create sophisticated look and feel.


Progressive construction features high density poly-base foam, medium density select memory foam, and ventilated select memory foam for luxurious contour and pressure relief. Plush pillowtop features gel-infused, ventilated memory foam and quilted comfort memory foam for enhanced softness.


Medium-firm base with gel infused, ventilated memory foam for increased air circulation and initial surface cooling. CoolCloud foam enhances breathability and helps keep the mattress cool and comfortable through the night.

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8 Item(s)

Great mattress at an affordable price Review by Jerry
Overall Rating
We have been using our new myCloud mattress for over two months. The mattress was a little firmer than I initially expected, but that is a good thing. The mattress is very plush and comfortable - my wife and I love it. I was also impressed with the overall product quality and workmanship. In fact, we liked our first mattress so much, we purchased a second mattress for our spare bedroom. Great mattress at an affordable price. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 4/7/2016)
On Cloud Nine Review by Krystal
Overall Rating
We desperately needed a new mattress and decided to go all out with the 14" Nimbus with the box pillowtop. The quality seems really high, but the prices are low – no brainer choice. Plus it was delivered next day! Our new myCloud mattress has helped me sleep better overnight. (Posted on 3/29/2016)
Just Right! Review by Jeanne
Overall Rating
First off, I am a side and back sleeper, 100%. Also, I generally have no trouble sleeping – I can crash out anywhere, anytime. I needed a new mattress because it's time, not because of sleep trouble. That said, I need a mattress that is soft enough to embrace my pressure points (HIPS), and strong enough to support me as well. I've avoided memory foam up to this point because everyone I've tried in store has been too mushy. I get stuck in a void and I can't move. Well, so far the 14" myCloud is different. I sink enough to feel softness, but not enough that I feel stuck. I can move, and roll, with minimal effort – which is a pretty big deal to me. It's only been a week, but I am sleeping well and enjoying resting in bed quite a bit. I don't want to get out of bed because it's just that comfortable. (Posted on 3/29/2016)
Overall Rating
I usually wake up with aches and pain, but with my new matters I feel refresh. I use to wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning, now I sleep thru the whole night. (Posted on 3/18/2016)
Two thumbs up, awesome comfort at a great price! Review by LOVE my new mattress!
Overall Rating
I recently decided to switch from a pillowtop & traditional spring mattress to a memory foam, and after shopping around online I chose the MyCloud Nimbus primarily because of the price and fast shipping times. The mattress arrived 2 days later in a huge box big enough for me to fit inside, but It still didn't seem large enough for a 14" mattress though so I was still a little skeptical. Opening the box was the neatest thing , the mattress was vacuum sealed and rolled up inside the box, at first it only looked about 6" thick but when I cut open the packaging it expanded to full size immediately!

I've been sleeping on the new mattress for about a week and I've slept amazing! I used to toss and turn a lot before I could fall asleep but with MyCloud I've found it's much easier to get comfortable fast. Even better is when I wake up in the morning, it feels like I'm in the exact same position as when I fell asleep - so luxurious! I would definitely recommend this mattress - it's a great value and great quality! (Posted on 3/14/2016)
For a old lady it was firm enough for me to get in and out of the bed, it helped my back. Review by Mama
Overall Rating
This product is ok (Posted on 3/14/2016)
I <3 myCloud! Review by Sleeping so great!
Overall Rating
The husband and I just upgraded to a larger home and needed a new spare bed. We decided to toss our barely used 1 year old mattress into the new guestroom and treat ourselves to some memory foam. Well, we love it. I'm on the curvier side, and my hips have never felt better. He's 6'2" and has the shoulders to match - he can side sleep without pain or pressure, and that is something. Not only that, we work different schedules and have completely different sleeping times - we're not disturbing each other getting into or out of bed. In fact, he jumped into bed just to see what it felt like, and I didn't move. I heard him, I didn't feel him. To summarize: Amazing pressure relief for our joints + Negligent motion transfer = Happy Sleep for us. Thanks, myCloud! (Posted on 3/12/2016)
So plush! Review by Joe
Overall Rating
I've tried a number of mattresses on my site (, and the Nimbus was the most plush mattress I have experienced. The good news is that even though it is very plush, it still offered good support. Overall a good mattress at a great price, 5 stars for sure! (Posted on 3/11/2016)

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