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myCloud 12" Cirrus Mattress

Product Review (submitted on February 20, 2016):
It took just one night on my brand new myCloud to realize what I had been missing from my old spring mattress: sleep! A perpetual toss and turner I was used to waking multiple times a night to change positions and try to be comfortable. My first night on the myCloud I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in feeling rested and ready for the day! I can finally sleep comfortably on my back, bringing joy to my lower back and sore muscles after a work out. The myCloud delivery experience was wonderful as well. A (very large) box delivered right to my Manhattan apartment's door. I am sure that watching me try to get the rolled up and vacuum packed mattress out of said box was a sight of hilarity (it was as tall as me) but once I shimmied it on out and onto be bed frame it was magic. I just gently cut the plastic off and *poof* it puffed up like a balloon and within a few minutes was ready to be made and slept in. Which was great because I chose to do this all at about 10pm. Hooray for myCloud! Hooray for sleep!