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10 Reasons YOU Need a myCloud Mattress

Sleeping on a memory foam cloud

10. Your mattress is more than 8 years old. Yes, yes those lengthy warranties. But you really should refresh about every 8 years. Discover myCloud and try it stress-free for 100 days (and nights)!

9. Your mattress doesn't feel right. Maybe it's too firm. Or too soft. Or somehow…both? Take the mattress quiz and find out what firmness level you need.

8. You're ready to try something new. If you've always had an innerspring mattress, maybe memory foam is beckoning.

7. You're not sleeping well. Sure, it could be stress. But if it's not, and you think it might be time for a new mattress…it probably is.

6. Despite plenty of sleep, you still feel tired. Believe it or not, you might not be sleeping as well as you think. Is your mattress to blame? Quite possibly. Should you be sleeping on a cloud?

5. Achy joints or back. You might be sleeping well, but your body is paying the price. Is your mattress too firm? Too soft? Are you a side or back sleeper? All of these factors weigh heavily on your sleep, and your joints. What cloud are you?

4. You love memory foam, but it's just too hot. myCloud's 4th generation open cell memory foam is the coolest out there. Period.

3. Affordability. myCloud is sold online – and that's it. No brick and mortar means no ridiculous overhead.

2. You've been looking for that ultra plush memory foam mattress that won't break the bank. Tada! You’re a Nimbus (me too!)

1. One size doesn't fit all. Maybe you tried the "medium-firm, everyone should be sleeping on" mattress and it didn’t work. That's OK, you're not the odd man out. myCloud comes in firm, medium-firm, medium-plush, and ultra-plush – take the quiz and see what's right for you.

So there you have it. 10 reasons YOU need a myCloud. I found myCloud, have you? @mycloudsleep #foundmycloud

Sweet Dreams,


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