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5 Ways a Memory Foam Mattress Improves Your Sleep

Without even realizing it, you’ve already bought into the amazing comfort memory foam can provide.

Although NASA originally developed memory foam in the 1960s for airplane seats, it’s already a part of your life in many ways. From that plush office chair you sit in everyday to the soles of your shoes, memory foam comfort knows no boundaries.

It’s time to upgrade your sleep comfort and ditch that old spring mattress!

Here are Five Ways Memory Foam Can Improve Your Sleep:

Your Body, Your Bed

Unlike spring mattresses, a myCloud memory foam mattress will actively mold to your body and sleep position. We all sleep differently, and your mattress should adjust to reflect that. By evenly distributing your body weight, you truly will feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud!

Stay Cool All Night

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat? myCloud’s CoolCloud foam enhances breathability to improve comfort throughout the night! Say goodbye to restless nights thanks to this cool memory foam! 

Alleviate Aches and Pains

For those who experience back or neck pain after a stiff night of sleep, myCloud was designed with you in mind! Our progressive triple layer construction features high density poly-base foam and gel-infused memory foam to provide some relief in any of your pressure points. You can also check out our myCloud Adjustable Bed Frame, which can lower or raise your head and legs to help reduce clogged airways, snoring and restlessness. 

Less Dust Collection

Old mattresses are a hot bed, no pun intended, for dust. A mattress that has been in use for a few years can collect anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside. Our myCloud memory foam mattresses help prevent the accumulation of allergens over an extended period of time.

Comfort for You and Your Partner

No more waking up your partner in the middle of the night or early in the morning. myCloud mattresses provide reduced motion transfer so you can both sleep through the night, interruption free!

Are you ready to upgrade your sleep? Take the myCloud Sleep quiz to find which myCloud mattress is right for you! There’s so much more comfort waiting for you that a memory foam pillow or memory foam mattress topper just can’t provide.

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